Sound Images creates memorable songs to enhance your brand, and make your message come alive.

Music adds emotion, a sense of pace and power. The right music makes drama more dramatic and comedy simply funnier.

We create commercial music for radio, TV, & web, scores for film & video games, or a musical theme for the big corporate meeting. From original songs and licensed parodies, to instrumental themes, underscores and soundscapes – Sound Images’ music production creates that emotional connection between your audience, your message, and your Brand.


We have recorded some of the biggest stars in the record business, from pop to grunge, rap to jazz, and all in between. John Legend, Sarah McLachlan, The Collingsworth Family, Ludacris, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Gnarles Barkley, and many more have graced the big room at Sound Image Studios.


Your drums are hard hitting, guitars are full, the orchestra is amazing, vocals are jumping out of the speakers… What Next? Reach out to a mixer that will turn your hard work into a radio ready track that grabs the listener by the ears.

The first job of a mixer is to ensure the choices made during the mix are relevant to the style, while current and appropriate to the production. The second job is to ensure that the mix translates to every expected playback environment. That can be tricky. But the payback can be huge!

Our mix engineers would love to talk to you about your next production.


A great mix is only complimented by a great master. Our engineers have the experience and luxury of working in the same studio each day. This means that we understand how your mix will translate in real world environments.

We understand the complexities of the digital world’s emerging formats, and we know the challenges behind keeping the best sound while working with bandwidth limits.

If you are competing in the loudness war or need a delicate touch for your project – our engineers will steer you through those intricate finishing touches.