“Do More” University of Cincinnati Identity

The University of Cincinnati’s new identity launched during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics. We utilized the University’s drum line as well as a choir to round out the sound of our composition. Couple those textures with some strategic sound design, you come out with a strong and inspiring identity.

Read more about the process here – The University of Cincinnati Leverages Sound as Part of Their Brand Identity

Agency: LPK

Film Production: LEAP Frame


Hobart Corporation “Through the Years”

Hobart is proud of hand crafting their equipment in the USA for over a century. We crafted a piece for the brand that takes the listener on a trip through time and complexity. We nod to the beginings of the company with a simple arrangement and allow it to flourish into a melodic hook of present day. The instrumentation is 100% played by hand, by real humans, on real strings… Just how Hobart builds their equipment.


Avaya “The Cake Boss”

Buddy Valastro, the Reality TV star known as The Cake Boss, shares how Carlo’s Bakery, his popular 100 year old New Jersey chain, is growing and thriving thanks to Avaya.

Sound Images wrote & produced the branded theme for Avaya with a direction that shows a technology company has the ability to simplify lives and inspire. Our choice of direction bridged the divide between a technology forward company and a business of growth and sweet, sweet cakes. We kept a human connection through the use of organic instrumentation and created a technologic connection through the use of effects. This created an unique soundscape that Avaya can call all their own.